Espresso Machines

 Lavazza-Blue-4712  Lavazza-Blue-4711

LavAzza Blue #4712

LavAzza Blue #4712

Versatile, robust and reliable, this machine satisfies the most
demanding professional requirements. Featuring an autosteamer,
manual steam wand and hot water dispenser, the system
is perfect for full-service restaurants, cafés and hotels.

Ease of use, low maintenance, small footprint along with
a minimal training required are just some of the features
of this machine. It has an autosteamer capable to froth
and steam milk and a hot water dispenser. It works perfectly
in full-service restaurants and casual dining venues.

 Lavazza-Blue-2811  Lavazza-Blue-321203211

LavAzza Blue #2811

LavAzza Blue #3212/3211

Technology and performance of a top-of-the-line machine in
a small footprint. Compact, solid and reliable, this machine
features a steam arm for milk frothing and hot water dispenser.
Ideal for low volume restaurants and cafés.

This versatile machine can make up to eight beverages,
espresso-based and more, at the touch of a button.
Perfect for quick-service restaurants, hotels, banqueting,
offices and virtually any environment.
Available in manual and semi-automatic models.




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LavAzza Blue #2312/2314

Pininfarina packed perfection into a small, efficient machine.
Equipped with a one-gallon water tank, this machine features
pre-programmed one-touch buttons, a double spout for making
up to two espressos at a time and a steam and hot water wand.
Ideal for small restaurants and cafés, as well as for offices.
Plumbed version available.